Neptuncruiser S-105 was build 1946 in the town Södertäje in Sweden by Mr. Henry Wirström. She was given the name "Mona-Bris at the time. She is made out of pine build on frames of 2/3 oak and 1/3 iron. The deck was originally made of painted cotton-cloth, but has been changed to epoxiglued pine on plywood.

The years from her construction to 1962, I´ve not found any information about her, but 1962 she was registered in Svenska Kryssarklubben - under the name "Hega" and the owner Mr. H. Appelgren, I also know that she has been located in Södertälje in the middle of the 1960, with the hull painted in a lightblue color.

In the end of the 1960. Mr. Christer Hjerning bought the boat and changed her name to "Siesta". He also removed the paint from the hull and varnished it. After that, she was located in Västervik for about 10 years before she was sold and moved to Mörbylånga, Öland, were Mr. Christer Rosenqvist had her. He renewed the the deck, and glued the bottompart of the hull - under the water she is now very tight in the hull.

After that, Mr. Ulf Holmgren in Kalmar bought her in 1998, and put a lot of job on her. Under the waterline, she is painted with ledpaint and yachtprimer, 3 layers of each, the hull once again painted, this time white color as the original.The roof is renewed, a new mast has been mounted, new sails etc. Then she was sold to Mr. Marc Glanz in Hamburg in the year 2000. He sold the boat to Mr. Peter Braun in 2001. Now she is located in Waldsee, in the south-west of Germany.