The Neptun cruiser sail yacht written by Per Lijeqvist

In the autumn of 1938, the swedish yacht constructor Lage Eklund was asked by his old friend, the artist Einar Palme, if he could draw a smaller sail yacht to him. The demands of the yacht was that it should be easy to sail by one person, to have as much place in it so the drawing equipment could be brought and finaly, have as low draught as possible.

The result was the yacht that in swedish are called "neptunkryssaren", or translated into english: The Neptun cruiser sail yacht. The yacht was a massive success by a lot of people and in the early 1940s a lot of yachts were build. In 1976 the first plastic yacht were build. She got the name "Styrena" because of the building material. Still today, more than 60 years since the first yacht was made, the cruiser is still produced.

The plastic yacht is constructed exactly in the same way as the wooden one, same weight, same length and the same sail area, so in races an old wood yacht have the same chances as a new plastic yacht. In 1996 a wooden yacht won the swedish championship in front of a lot of plastic yachts.

A lot of different materials have been used during the years. In the beginning, pine was the most used kind of wood for the sides and the bottom. The frames were usually made of oak to 2/3 and iron to 1/3, but there are yachts that only have oak frames.